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Riverhouse New YearsEven though you may be worn out after Thanksgiving and the Christmas week, don’t forget one of the biggest nights of the year: New Year’s Eve. This is the granddaddy of party nights and whether you are entertaining for a few close friend or setting up for a gala event in a Connecticut event venue, you need to be on top of your party game to make this evening special.

At The Riverhouse we know how competitive this night can be and how demanding guests are so we offer a few helpful tips to ensure your New Year’s Eve bash is an occasion to remember.

Champagne – You will most likely have a well-stocked bar at home or be using the services of an event venue bar that will feature top shelf liquor, imported beer and fine wine. However, the peak of any New Year’s Eve party is the champagne toast and if you fail to pop the cork on a nice bottle of bubbly, expect disappointed guests. Be sure to have plenty of champagne chilled and ready to go before midnight.

Playlists – Nothing kills a party faster than dead air. If you are hosting your party at home, be sure to have a full playlist of appropriate music that can shuffle or re-loop to prevent any lapse in the tunes. You may be entertaining for a formal sit down dinner or causal cocktail party but no matter the scene, have music in the background to create a festive atmosphere. If you are holding your event at an elegant banquet facility, then be sure to huddle with the DJ or band prior to the party and let them know it’s important to keep the sounds pumping.

Appease with Appetizers – Since New Year’s parties tend to start late in order for people to be ready for midnight it is common that most people will eat dinner before the party. Unless you are planning on serving dinner at the pre-party it is a good idea to satiate people’s appetites with seasonal and tasty appetizers that will go well with the party theme. From traditional shrimp cocktail to more exotic stuffed Portobello mushrooms you can provide plenty of delicious appetizers that will keep the guests full until the midnight hour.